Homage to the Greatest Shooter of All Time

For my first serious post I wanted to pay homage to probably the best first person shooter of all time, Halo. From the first game that came out in 2002 to the new Halo: Spartan Strike, which came out just a month ago.

Personally, I couldn’t ask for more from this game which has continuously evolved when it comes to its gameplay and has a storyline that definitely makes you feel a part of the Halo world. Master Chef John-117 and Cortana really make the game have a special feeling to it. Every year on my to do list, I write at the very top with capital letters playing all the original series and the new reclaimer saga. I selected this five hour video so you could get a glimpse of the captivating storyline.

If you have played Halo, you should play it again once a year to pay homage to what is probably the most played shooter of all time. The old series doesn’t require much resources, so if you have a reliable gaming desktop you should play it without any lag. Also, a standard gaming monitor like the BenQ GL2760H should allow you to play it at max resolution. So don’t you just stand there, go ahead and start playing the game if you haven’t already.


Mr. Headshot

Hi everyone,

This is Caleb Patt, aka Mr. Headshot and I made this blog so I can bring forth many interesting topics that have something to do with shooters. I have been playing this genre of video games for almost 5 years and I figured it’s time to share some secrets,

Over and out! ;)

Netgear N900 Gaming Router Review

The heir towards the WNDR4500, the Netgear WNDR4500 v2, is just a parallel dual band wireless modem with six inner WiFi antennas and four network locations to support super-fast wired systems and instant. Which means you simply link notebook your PC, media-player, pill, and smartphone towards the web in easy. Many players consider  Netgear N900 as the best gaming router under 100.

Utilizing one of these simple locations, an additional hard drive can be incorporated by one in to the community. To help you create the WNDR4500 v2 a fundamental NAS (Network Attached Storage), to obtain films, audio along with other pc documents towards the community to shop and share. Another Hardware interface may be used to talk about a printer with additional community customers. Go on pcmag.com if you want to read about other affordable models.

The Good

Large WiFi pace (450 + 450 Mbps) with multiple dual-band
Stop some sites with Controls that are Live
Six Inner antennas for a powerful wireless signal along with wide selection
Two slots for linking printer or a tough drive
Capability to set guest marketing up
On And Off switch for WiFi

It’s Limitations

No USB 3.0 fittings aboard
No wall mounting


Affordable Gaming TV from Vizio

The Vizio E32-C1 may be the ideal gambling Television to get a handful of factors. To begin with, you’re obtaining a quality, best selling Smart DIRECTED HDTV from the business which was rated Number 1 for Wise TVs (2014, NPD Group).

Subsequently, the Vizio E32- tv that is C1 is extremely inexpensive due to the price that is exceptionally low. And don’t believe to get a minute that since this gambling tv that is cheap cost little that you’re dropping on essential functions. A good overview for this model can be found on cnet.com

The Vizio E32-C1 has complete 1080p HD assistance providing you with a superior quality image for Forza 6 which operate at resolution or game titles like Blood-Borne. Bear in mind some even run at 720p and that many of inexpensive televisions may possibly not be true 1080p. You’re likely to need a great gambling television with 1080p Full-HD assistance for the units if you’ve created the jump towards the new-generation using the Xbox One or PS4.

Among the additional factors which make the Vizio E32-C1 a gambling tv that is good may be the Obvious Activity 240 function. The tv with Obvious Motion 240 have the ability to observe pictures that shift rapidly quite obviously, and includes a recharge rate of 120Hz. This function isn’t just ideal activities and films, although for gaming aswell. To help you overlook the typical movement blur that’ll damage your gaming experience that is general.


Full 1080p HD service
Clear Activity 240
Refresh rate
Dual band Wifi built-in
Smart Remote
Integral speakers
Energystar tv
Internet Applications

This Vizio Gaming television is ideal for budget players. Great like a minute tv for gambling when you if on the market to get an inexpensive tv with lots of functions or have numerous units.

ASUS ROG G20AJ Gaming Computer Review

For custom gaming Computer scenario developers, creativity could be a challenging fan to break. With instances including from area windows to ventilation fins, discovering one whichis equally properly unique and created could not be easy. This point is expertly navigated by the ASUS ROG G20AJ gambling Computer. Because of the gambling pcis not low requirements and small style, the ROG G20AJ makes the Top Ten Reviews Silver Award.

The G20AJ’s conventional setup is made around a good collection including a Intel Core i7- an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760, of elements. In benchmarking at Ben’s Equipment from our peers, the GTX 760 confirmed its bonafides like a trusted conventional graphics card.In a quality of 1920 x 1080 and top quality configurations, the card created a typical frame-rate of 49 frames-per minute (fps) while operating “Battlefield 4.” For many circumstances, the card has got the required control expense to deal with present Computer gaming games in 1920 x 1080 hi-def that is regular. Nevertheless, more challenging customers may change to 1 of the quicker designs constructed with NVIDIAis GTX 700 number of graphics cards of G20AJ.

Graphics cards that are accessible range from the greater- entry-level and finish NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 GT 750.The ASUS sets its NVIDIA graphics card with similarly trusted fourth generation Haswell Intel Core sequence processors. These are not probably the most existing processors provided by the maker, as Intelis Broadwell number of processors has since replaced Haswell.

Nevertheless, the Intel Core i7 processor of the conventional G20AJ created exemplary ratings at Anandtech in artificial benchmarking from our peers. In evening-today use, the Primary i7 has the capacity to manage large or gambling -need programs like image-editing or movie retention without struggling with performance problems that are substantial.If you should be a budget- person that is oriented, G20AJ configurations that are substitute utilize Primary i5 processor and an Intel Core i3. Additionally, storage choices contain hard disks as high as 3TB and solid state pushes with as much as 256GB of room.

Although hard travel choices that are precise rely on your particular setup that is G20AJ, solid-state hard-disk and devices are equally helpful improvements to get a gaming Computer that is challenging. Large-volume devices allow documents to be stored by youHaving a search that is clearly a mix between a form-factor that is little gambling PC along with a device from “Parents of the Universe,” the look of the G20AJ is undeniably unique. The curved plastic dark exterior using the PC seems durably built for moving heat and covers a number of places.Like several mass market gambling computers, the G20AJ is generally present in designs that were preassembled. Although these creates are enhanced for numerous price-points, the gambling Laptopis fairly closed-off character makes it difficult if you like to fine-tune specifics such as drive choices or the computeris storage.

Likewise, the ROG depends on an extraordinarily big two-stone design adapter for energy. As the plugs’ small construct preserves room about the scenario style, the ROG does need two individual electricity plugs to be able to work, producing for additional wire mess.Like a form-factor Computer that is fairly little, the ROG G20AJ does not always possess the advanced look of other desktops that are equivalent. Nevertheless, the ASUS advantages of a concentrate on the better details to get a conventional gaming pc. Using card and its exemplary Intel Core processor, the ASUS ROG G20AJ’s configuration has got the efficiency roof similar to the very best gaming PC for 2016.

Expert GIGABYTE G1.Sniper Z97 Gaming Motherboard Review

The GIGABYTE G1.Sniper Z97 attributes an Intel Z97 chipset, that could be not viewed low -difficulty, and therefore it certainly will handle graphics cards and features sophisticated overclocking functions.

32GB may not be exceeded by the Memory in these four slots if more Memory stays may toned.
The panel employs Double-Route Memory structure, that will be the setup that is most typical.

Which means that the consumer doesn’t require a focused video-card (GPU). Nevertheless, there’s frequently space to get a video-card that is focused, because exterior graphics cards are usually much more effective and ideal for artwork-demanding jobs for example high end gambling or movie output. Onboard movie is more suited to customers who merely have to show graphics about the display and also have no use for very- design that is effective.

The GIGABYTE G1.Sniper Z97 has a 5.1-Funnel Creative Sound Primary 3D chip audio processor. This panel may also be completely suitable for surroundsound methods and therefore, there is a third party soundcard not needed. Nevertheless, it might be anything when the pc has been employed for audio creation to think about. For many players is the a good motherboard for long gaming sessions.


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The best budget gaming keyboard: CM STORM QUICKFIRE RAPID

Cooler Master’s QuickFire Rapid is just a wonderful physical gaming keyboard reviews for that cost, although It’s not the least expensive keyboard you will get. The ten key less edition however employs full size secrets, and also the Cherry MX Orange changes within our workplace about the design when frustrated possess a rewarding press. Many people choose Blues for writing in the place of gaming, however, you may also obtain the keyboard with Reddish or Brown changes more well suited for gaming.

The whole panel includes a good, strong, rubberized sense, with gives an excellent consistency to the secrets. Press handles are triggered via a purpose (Fn) key down about the right hand part, but all work on a os-level. Such as the Corsair K70, the Surprise Quick I doesn’t need any extra application for backlighting development or its press capabilities. The removable Flash Micro wire, making this an excellent keyboard for LAN gaming is really loved by us.

Cooler is vibrant and good, and also the QuickFire Rapid features it to be used by a several various settings. You are able to manage lighting through the event keys, or established while you push it an “echo” style that lamps each key. It doesn’t make typer or you a much better player, but it’s a pleasant result. Read more about gaming keyboards on tomsguide.com

We desire the CM Surprise QuickFire Quick was a bit more ergonomic—though it’s exactly the same dimension whilst the Corsair K70 (without the tenkey aspect), the keyboard seems a bit more crampy with no hand rest. A serum relaxation handles the majority of these issues, but one more necessity, and it’s nevertheless lots of cash not to contain some simple convenience choices while you’ll find the panel for $80 at some merchants.

Most Appreciated Gaming PC from iBuypower

The iBuyPower Erebus GT-FX1 offers a suitable combination of performance and flexibility for a custom gaming PC 2016

Internally, the fundamental setup of the gambling Computer is made by having an AMD FX- NVIDIA GeForce GTX, 6300 processor 750 of storage. The Erebus’ foundation setup provides good expense for high end gambling, for more challenging games, however it could be restricted.

In benchmarking at Ben’s Equipment by our peers, design cards were tested -based computer-using top quality options in a quality of 1920 x 1080. Nevertheless, the GTX 750 fought slightly in “Battlefield 4” having a frame-rate of 31 fps. Activities require a frame-rate of atleast 30 fps to not become unplayable without substantial downturn that is visible.

During evening-today use, many pc-games may easily operate, but its foundation setup may have a restricted lifetime. Nevertheless, the Erebus advantages of iBuyPoweris update choices, including greater- numerous graphics card help and stop graphics cards.

The gambling PCis foundation AMD FX-4300 processor is not likewise unable to manage graphically intense activities, although it is restricted in more processor-intensive jobs. The processor fought at Anandtech in artificial standards from our peers placing nicely behind Intel Core sequence processors. Just like the GT-FX1is design card, iBuyPoweris modification choices with Intel processors or substitute AMD suggest you aren’t secured in to a simple setup.

The Erebus contains common requirements to get a full size Laptop gaming pc. Using its measurements of 22.5 x-9 X – 24 ins, the situation has room for typical functions like optical devices and numerous Hardware 3.0 locations. Updates that are available contain liquid cooling assistance for a Blu-Ray along with overclocked programs drive. The maker offers a three-year guarantee about the Erebus and offers assistance via mail, its site, telephone and live-chat. If you want to find an affordable gaming PC, read top review sites.

Maingear Epic Force Super Stock X99 Gaming Desktop Review

Clearly that high-price includes a few of whistles and the best bells accessible, but let us begin with primary elements and the situation. The Legendary Drive Super Inventory is made in the Corsair Obsidian 900D structure, a behemoth situation that steps 27.2 by 9.9 by 25.6 inches (HWD). A sizable aspect- cell screen displays off the hardware inside all, which program has plenty. The case includes a metal and throw-metal body with metal side panels, and it has device-free entry everywhere, with push button entry on both side panels, a locking lock for that port addresses, and airfilters on top and attributes of the situation. From wire routing to device with rubber grommets – travel crates that are free, this can be a premium situation. Maingear requires this a stage more having a custom paint-job, utilizing Glasurit automotive shows.

Open the device up -free side-panel utilizing the push button lock and you will look for a Computer that is perfect, using custom touches many producers just want they might replicate’s sort. To begin, there is an Asus Rampage V Severe by having an Intel X99 chipset, the motherboard. Constructed for severe efficiency, it offers advanced overclocking possibilities, just like an outlet package that is specific, on board start and switches, and further cooling equipment. A -inch screen occur the case’s front enables you to check the machine instantly, with handles and readouts for lover RPMs processor heat, clock rates and much more.

However itis the better details which make this an amazing program that is such. Among the functions that are most apparent inside is just a personalized 900mm cooling method with chromed accessories and bright fat piping, from Maingear. This is not your typical rubber tubing; this program of installed and slice fat piping, having a -glass tank that glows once the program is working. The remainder of the several cooling enthusiasts and also the situation within will also be lit-up with bright LEDs that were amazing, and also the corresponding bright sleeved wiring is perfect. The mixture of bright clear piping and bright lamps certainly will impress the viewer, and makes the inside instead stunning.

Along with specialist construction, Maingear likewise does of overclocking the machine for you personally the fundamental function. Certain, you are able to proceed to modify items to eke out efficiency increases, but Maingear does all of the heavy-lifting, overclocking both processor because it stands. The organization offers prolonged support and guarantee protection. First, there is Maingearis incorporated three-year extensive guarantee, that provides lots of reassurance all-on its. Additionally, Maingear provides telephone assistance and lifetime assistance work, which means you wont need to invest hours attempting to determine why one-part is not speaking precisely to a different.

Clearly, with this particular kind of high end, equipment that is overclocked, the efficiency isn’t bad, it is exemplary. The design performance particularly is magnificent, leading a few of the methods that are greatest we have examined.

If real efficiency is the priority, you will get one of the most beat for the dollar from the Publishers’ Selection Falcon NW Mach V (GTX 980), our prime pick for advanced gambling techniques, and at $8,039 (as-tested), an infinitely more affordable choice, comparatively speaking. But, the Maingear Epic Drive Very Inventory isn’t just one of the gambling techniques within the is—it that is world—and it also offers some unquestionably advanced accessories that’ll be worth gamer’s cash to get a particular variety. Then your Legendary Drive Very Inventory may be the obvious option if that is you. For everybody else, nevertheless, amazing efficiency, the incredible feature-set, and artisanal quality are worth jealousy, although not worth the cost.

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SteelSeries Siberia v3 Gaming Headset Review

It’s some functions that suggest it as the SteelSeries Siberia v3 isn’t among the total best gaming headset. The scarf suspension program is just because it first arrived available on the market a great function that’s been part of the Siberia sequence. It turned a well known peripheral because of distinctive search and its ergonomic layout. Its output that is excellent also causes it to be a great choice. The large shades are obvious, and also the levels are unique although not overwhelming.

The SteelSeries Siberia v3 employs the most recent Dolby Digital music engineering to supply the sound-quality that is rich that people all need. This can help it participate in an environment of gambling headphones that’s shifting toward best and the most recent surround-sound engineering that is. The big 50-mm motorists provide you with a frequency-response selection of 10Hz to 28 along with perfect sound quality. That low-range of 10Hz enables you to feel the bass and is extremely low.

Another powerful point-of these gaming headphones may be the style. Since it is essential in order to obtain the microphone from the method occasionally, the microphone is just a good function. In the place of turning the microphone supply up parallel towards the scarf as numerous versions do or eliminating it entirely, the SteelSeries Siberia mike slides up in to the headset and from the method.

Another style function that is helpful may be the in line size control. You’ll think it is integral about the headset wire, where it’s easily accessible. Exterior sound is also reduced by the Siberia gaming headset using leather support and its closed-ear pot. Both of these style changes’ mixture helps separate the sound in the headset from any sound around you.

Customer care options are significantly restricted. You will find FAQs in the site, but while there is no telephone assistance you’ll have to contact SteelSeries via mail when you’ve any extra concerns. A consultant must return along with you in a regular manner.

Headsets’ SteelSeries Siberia line has existed for greater than a decade, which is nevertheless a good choice. It isn’t the Computer gaming headset that is most truly effective, but it’s nonetheless good. Quality audio reproduces, is not uncomfortable and it has some handy functions which make to get a good gaming experience. This can be a helpful, inexpensive option to the key headphones.


For more details, feel free to visit: bestgamingheadset2016.net and thewirecutter.com.

Entry-Level 144Hz Gaming Monitor

If you’re searching an entry level gaming check having a large recharge rate your ASUS V248QE is unquestionably the check you should purchase. It has a 144Hz optimum recharge rate along with a 1ms response-time, and therefore giving a sleek efficiency at framerate game play to you.

Moreover, it includes assistance a method that removes movement blur and providing you with CRT movement quality, for Nvidia LightBoost, however it is just functional as much as 120Hz.
The disadvantages with this specific check may be its own TN cell and the resolution. Contemplating its cost, you’ll obtain a good deal for the cash should you change from the 60Hz check and you’ll undoubtedly think it’s great.

Then this monitor may be the proposed option at this time if whatever you need is just a 144Hz check. Simply take a look about the evaluations at Amazon to determine what other customers believe.

If you like to make use of reduction engineering blurs at 144Hz and never 120Hz your BenQ XL2411Z is just an outstanding option. It’s a bit more costly, however it has the best BenQ Gaming monitor Cloud Decline engineering, that will be better still than LightBoost, also it operates at 144Hz also. Then obtain the BenQ without doubt if you discover the BenQ in a cheaper cost compared to Asus someplace. You then must still obtain the BenQ even when the BenQ is a a bit more costly compared to Asus. It’s worth and simply better the trade off generally, until the cost distinction is a lot of. Another great advantage using the XL2411Z may be the flicker free backlight, which helps avoid eyestrain after periods useful. Costs on the screens can vary, relying on whether there’s an on-going and your geographical area strategy. Additionally, beware the BenQ doesn’t have integral speakers, therefore have that in your mind if which means something for you.

There may be within this area a significant note the recently included Nixeus VUE-24. This can be an excellent option for those who have an AMD graphics card that facilitates FreeSync, as this check is just a FreeSync check having a FreeSync selection of 30-144Hz. This monitor is similarly-priced whilst the additional budget when you have an AMD GPU that facilitates you’re and FreeSync buying fantastic 144Hz check 144Hz screens, making this the best gaming monitor.

As a source, I used –> www.pcgamer.com.

My Personal Opinion on Gaming Laptops


With the boom in the gaming culture, gamers consistently aim to keep their gadgets up to date to have an upper edge over others in the tech world. Usually a pre-built gaming computer can cost plenty of money, and hence the possibility of building one’s own computer is indeed an astounding solution. This article would serve a guide as how to build one’s own laptop for gaming, which most certainly is an austere task.

Why would somebody go out and purchase a PC from a maker like Dell or Gateway, when they can fabricate an all the more compelling PC for less cash? The answer, they don’t know how to assemble it. This article will address this exact problem for all the gaming enthusiasts out there.

First it is important to buy all the specified parts for the system including CD ROM, Processor, RAM, Graphic card, Hard Drive and Wireless Card. For preparing the system on your own, a screw driver, silver thermal paste and an anti-wrist strap (providing a static proof area) is also required. These things can be ordered through eBay or Newegg. And more information on different models can be found on: techradar.com and pcmag.com.

To remove the bottom panel, first all screws need to be removed to pop it open. The next step is to remove the big metallic cooling system with a fan. Now the installation of the processor in its unlocked socket follows. Unlock the socket with the help of a screwdriver and lock it again after the placement of the processor. Now the silver thermal paste layer must be coated upon the processor’s core. The graphic card should be installed in its respective socket right afterwards. The silver thermal paste would go upon it as well.

Once the processor and graphic card are installed, the cooling system goes back in, with special care to tighten all of the screws. Now one has to push the memory card all the way in one of the two slots of memory on the motherboard. The wireless would then be inserted in the smaller looking memory slot with the help of screws. The gray and black wires now need to be connected to the card. These serve as the antennas and must make a snap sound to ensure right placement on the card.

The small metal cage of 2.5’ x 4’ dimensions should be taken out. Once it is out, the hard disk needs to be placed over it and safely screwed back in afterwards. Then connect the laptop to battery, and your laptop for gaming is already to delve you in to the virtual world.