Homage to the Greatest Shooter of All Time

For my first serious post I wanted to pay homage to probably the best first person shooter of all time, Halo. From the first game that came out in 2002 to the new Halo: Spartan Strike, which came out just a month ago.

Personally, I couldn’t ask for more from this game which has continuously evolved when it comes to its gameplay and has a storyline that definitely makes you feel a part of the Halo world. Master Chef John-117 and Cortana really make the game have a special feeling to it. Every year on my to do list, I write at the very top with capital letters playing all the original series and the new reclaimer saga. I selected this five hour video so you could get a glimpse of the captivating storyline.

If you have played Halo, you should play it again once a year to pay homage to what is probably the most played shooter of all time. The old series doesn’t require much resources, so if you have a reliable gaming desktop you should play it without any lag. Also, a standard gaming monitor like the BenQ GL2760H should allow you to play it at max resolution. So don’t you just stand there, go ahead and start playing the game if you haven’t already.


Mr. Headshot

Hi everyone,

This is Caleb Patt, aka Mr. Headshot and I made this blog so I can bring forth many interesting topics that have something to do with shooters. I have been playing this genre of video games for almost 5 years and I figured it’s time to share some secrets,

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